Dear Perkinsville Family,

God has moved in incredible ways since our start in 1947! I hope you have seen some of that and are ready to see what else God has in store. Over the next three years, during the Beyond Campaign, we will be united in seeing God’s heart in what it means for us to Pray Beyond, Discover Beyond, and Invest Beyond.


We are excited about our new facility which will help us invest in generations and beyond. This facility will be where disciples are trained and made ready for the harvest. We also look forward to awaking churches so as a body we can transform lives around us. I believe this campaign in 2017, and for the next three years, will prepare us for future equipping, teaching, and transforming.


In ten years, as we look back over the decade, we will look upon a church that discovers, equips, and sends disciples into the world to multiply themselves, plant churches, and revitalize churches. We will see communities transformed by the gospel as a result of healthy churches. We will see and hear stories of countless lives forever changed because Perkinsville believed in a God-sized vision.

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